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As of summer 2013, previous versions of this indexing tools page are officially out of date. As ARC has moved from SVN to Git, we have a new indexing workflow that involves GitLab.

Below is a generalized sketch of the workflow for indexing that all ARC nodes currently use. For more information on the indexing process, please see the Collex GitHub code repository.


Make sure you have access to or have installed the following programs:

  1. Terminal or Command Prompt
  2. Source Tree (
  3. Oxygen (
  4. An ssh key for gitlab (run "ssh-keygen" on your computer from the command prompt)
  5. Install git (
    1. Have Homebrew? Just: ~brew install git

Open the following programs to begin indexing: Terminal, SourceTree (booksmarks view), and Oxygen.

Wanna know what your SSH key is?

cat ~/.ssh/

Indexing Workflow

The overall steps for reindexing a resource in ARC are:

  1. Get the new RDF into a folder on your local computer
    1. Via email
    2. Via staging server
  2. Get a copy of the the old RDF from Gitlab on your local computer
    1. If this is a new archive
    2. If this is an existing archive which you don't already have on your local computer
    3. If this is an existing archive which you do have on your local computer
  3. Compare the new RDF to old RDF and Overwrite old with new using <oXygen>
  4. Commit changes and push from local computer to Gitlab
  5. Pull changes from Gitlab to ARC Staging Index
  6. Test changes on ARC Staging Index
    1. (Harvest text, if any)
  7. Push changes from Staging Index to Staging Site
  8. Push changes from Staging Site to Production Site