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The NINES Fellowship for graduate students in the humanities at the University of Virginia was designed to facilitate an active community among young scholars interested in nineteenth-century studies online. The application process usually begins in February, with the next year's cohort chosen sometime in April. Keep an eye on the NINES blog for updates and calls for applications.

For Current Fellows

Over the course of your tenure with NINES you will be asked to divide your time between developing your own project and participating in NINES-related work. We usually gather in the NINES office for a meeting (sometimes lunch) every two weeks, to catch up on your progress and let you know what kinds of tasks we need accomplished at that time. A new schedule will be set for these meetings at the beginning of each semester.

Ongoing tasks for NINES include:

  • Searching and tagging objects in the Index
  • Starting discussions in the forum about various objects or topics of interest
  • Building exhibits showcasing resources or themes of interest
  • Blogging (see sample posts here, here and here

To make the most of your time in the NINES community, please try to arrange for regular 'office hours' when you can ask questions and share ideas with other Fellows.

Creating an Exhibit

(see this guide:

  • Log in to your account and search/browse the site, collecting items of interest.
  • Go to your My9s page and Create a New Exhibit
  • Following the guide, create an exhibit showcasing some of the objects you found. (helpful resource for dummy text:
  • Augment that exhibit by linking to documents and images outside of the node you're searching (

Tips for Software Testing and Bug Reports

If you encounter a bug on the NINES site, please send Dana an email explaining what happened. Please include:

  • What you were doing when you saw the bug, and as many steps as you can remember leading up to the bug. Were you searching? Exhibit Building?
  • What browser you're using (Internet Explorer? Safari? Firefox? Chrome?) Which version?
  • A screenshot of the problem whenever possible. If you hit an error and see this page there is no need for a screenshot.