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On this page, participants in the June 2007 meeting at UVA -- and other steering committee members who wish to volunteer -- can record their progress toward specific goals that have emerged under the watchwords More Content; More Users.

John Bryant

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Newberry Library Consult with Laura M., Steve Jones, et al. Fall 2007?
American Periodicals Work with Ken Price on acquiring content beyond MOA; focus on Research Society for American Periodicals (RASP) ...
Library of Congress Consult with Ken P and Americanist Board on approaches ...
Library of America Make initial contact Fall 2007
Berkshire Athenaeum Pursue contacts for Melville material Fall 2007

Michael Eberle-Sinatra

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Nana [Diederichs] Holtsnider Special Collections University of Iowa Libraries Leigh Hunt Letters

Steve Jones sent her to Laura for technological questions;

Michael in charge of the editorial process.

Last email communication from Laura/Michael 15 Mar 2008. No date as yet.

Dino Franco Felluga

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Chicago Art Institute I will look into whether the Chicago Art Institute might be interested in indexing its 19th-century collection January 2008
Huntington Library will contact Roy Ritchie at the Huntington to discuss sharing of mark records and digital copies of the art collection will attempt to set up meeting in early December
Indianapolis Art Museum I will look into whether the Indy Art Museum might be interested in indexing its 19th-century collection (especially Turner) January 2008
MLA Conference will present on NINES at the conference December 2007
Ohio State UP contacted directors to discuss inclusion of nineteenth-century titles SEE Laura Mandell, below
VICTORIA listserv will send occasional e-mails to the listserv to inform list users of NINES developments indeterminate
_Victorian Review_ working to get _Victorian Review_ added to NINES via EBSCO indeterminate
_Victorian Studies_ contacted editors to encourage the indexing of VS through Project Muse; Andrew Miller wrote to say he'll be discussing this with Indiana UP. He seemed optimistic indeterminate

Neil Fraistat

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
... ... ...

Steve Jones

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Keats-Shelley Journal Talking to KSAA and Stinehour Press re: full text, 1993-present Should know what's available 15 July; approval by Jan. 2008?
Help with Newberry presentation following Laura's lead on this TBD
Keats House Museum, Rome Have talked to Curator; MARC records available but don't include MSS? If desired (TBD), Spring 2008
... ... ...

Laura Mandell

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
OSU Press Met Malcolm Litchfield ( on September 17, 2007; links they will provide go either 1) to advertising copy with a link to full or partial texts (pdf files) [1] or 2) to pdf files themselves containing no obvious link to the OSU press [2]. November 30, 2007
OCLC Met with Lorcan Dempsey ( and Constance Malpas ( WorldCat will soon have an API but will also give us RDF if we send them transform from MARC to RDF. November 29, 2007
OAISter and Wright John Walsh, Dave Woods, and I are working on this. I found this ( and am looking at two versions of the transformed data to decide what to do. Will send John the XSL plus the data shortly. January 26, 2008
David Hanson, 19th-c Studies / Ruskin Project David (David Hanson []) and I spoke on the phone (he is Chair at SouthEastern Louisiana U., 985-549-2100). He has students coding in TEI P5 (trained with Syd and Julia) who will begin with the most recent issue. I explained to him how to submit rdf either pointing to or containing text files and offered to help with XSLT. He is working with someone who can write XSLT scripts. We will stay in touch through the proces. January 26, 2008

Kenneth Price

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Wright American Fiction Prompt John Walsh to develop RDF with staff at Indiana 6/30/07--Done
Mark Twain Papers Write Bob Hirst (again) to invite participation in NINES July 2007
Nebraska Special collections Discuss with Kay Walter gaining access to MARC records Sept 2007
Journals of Lewis & Clark Permission from U Nebraska Press has been granted; need to seek permission from Jim Stubbendieck August 2007

Andy Stauffer

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Byron Journal Made initital contact with Alan Rawes; will talk in Venice. I believe Jerry has now taken this up via Liverpool U.P. 2007
Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Spoke about NINES at the 'digital futures' session. Now in conversation with Kitty Ledbetter regarding the including of /Victorian Periodicals Review/, which is part of MUSE in any case. September 2007
Studies in Romanticism Planning to discuss NINES with editor David Wagenknecht 2007
Houghton Library, Harvard Trying to schedule a meeting with Peter and a technical demo for Houghton people. September 2007

John Walsh

Activity Progress Report Goal Date
Google Books @ Michigan Spoke with Perry Willet on June 28. According to Perry, the metadata for the Google Books available from the University of Michigan will be available from an OAI data provider system. He will be checking with the powers that be about whether they are allowed to provide us access to the full text of these books for indexing. In any event, the OAI metadata is free for the taking, and it seems imperative that we establish mechanisms for including collections that are exposed with OAI. I will be happy to assist with this process. August 15th, have some initial books in, pending Michigan getting OAI system up and running.
Making of America Perry indicated that the providing RDF for Making of America was not something he could commit to right now. But again, OAI metadata for Making of America is available, if we can work with that. August 1, 2007, have some initial MoA resoures in NINES
Lilly Library I have contacted Pat Steele, Interim Dean of the Libaries at Indiana. We have a meeting scheduled for July 23rd, at which I will make the pitch for NINES and for incorporating Lilly Library MARC records as we've done with the UVA special collections. August 15, 2007, pending agreement of IU Libraries.
Wright American Fiction This project has been converted from SGML to XML, a pre-requisite for writing XSLT to generate the RDF files. I will work with the Digital Library Program here to do the mapping from teiHeader to NINES RDF. August 1, 2007
OAI Collections Work to develop mechanism for mapping OAI metadata to NINES RDF. Experiment with developing mechanism for incorporating OAI exposed collections into NINES. September 30, 2007
Collex in the classroom Will use Collex in my digital humanities seminar in the spring semester. spring semester, 2008.