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This page is deprecated. This information predates the current server and software setup for ARC and Collex.


Our snap server, used to back up images. Algernon's address is If you cannot connect, or Algernon is not responding, try shutting him down and powering him back up again.

The Yellow Machine

The Yellow Machine backs up the PC terminals in the office. A client administrative tool is installed on the Lilith PC and is located in the Program Files -> Yellow Machine folder. This is used to configure the RAID settings and load new system software. A PDF user manual is also in this folder.

To set up the backup on Windows

  1. Right click on "my computer" and select "map network drive"
  2. Use the letter "y" for the drive letter
  3. Use "\\\disk1" for the folder
  4. Make sure "reconnect at login" is checked
  5. A folder will pop up with the directories of the remote drive. Create a new folder named after the machine you are using.
  6. Launch the backup tool from Program Files -> Accessories -> System Tools
  7. Run the backup wizard such that you backup everything on your computer.
  8. When prompted for where to put the backup file, locate in on y:\computer, where "computer" is the folder name you created in step #5.
  9. Press the "advanced" tab to change the type of backup to be incremental.
  10. Select "verify data after backup"
  11. Select replace data on the media
  12. You should run the backup "now" and once it works you can add it to a nightly schedule.

To access it from the Macintosh:

  1. From the Finder, select the “Go” menu and then “Connect to server…”
  2. Enter “smb://zaphod.village.virginia.edu” into the text field

To access from a web browser (Firefox or IE only)


If one of the red lights comes on the front panel and it says, you should reboot the yellow machine. The best way is to telnet into the box and issue a shutdown command. The root password is ... check your email. Do this as follows:

(login as root)

If that doesn’t work, enter in “/etc/init.d/halt” or pull the power plug. When the machine starts back up it will rebuild the disks for a few hours during which time the system cannot be mounted or used. You will need to re-map the drives on the Windows machines.

Restoration / Alexa

External hard drive connected to the big mac. Alexa is also used for back up images.